Build Stronger Immunity With The Help Of A2 Milk

It’s very hard for Indians to imagine their lives without milk. Milk is evidently a widely consumed health beverage across our nation and an integral part of our diet too. We’re always encouraged to drink a glass of milk daily from our childhood, as it is considered an effective cure for several ailments and a growth booster beverage. But with advancements and the involvement of chemical processes, the quality of milk changed. Around 5000 years ago, cows were only known to produce A2 milk. The mutation started after their domestication & now they produce A1 milk, A2 milk or a combination of both. Whereas A1 milk is known to have several benefits, it can’t defeat the vast benefits that A2 milk has to offer. Talking about benefits, let’s head towards how A2 cow milk helps to build a stronger immunity!

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